Branding Your Cardboard Packaging

Branding your packaging

One of the main benefits to getting customized cardboard packaging for your products is the ability to brand them with pre-printed logos and information. Branding your packaging can mean an increase in sales volume and is a great way to advertise your business. There are a couple of different ways that you can go when branding the boxes that your products are shipped in. One of them is to go with pre-printed advertisements, while the other is to go with stick-on labels or tape. There are benefits to both types of branding.

Pre-Printed Cardboard Boxes

Printing is a very cost-effective way of advertising to the consumer. Generally, you only pay a few cents extra per carton, but the return on your investment could mean a jump in sales. Most distributors will charge an upfront fee for the printing plate and then a slight increase in the cost of each individual carton with printing from there on out. It is recommended that you go with simple designs or text and no more than two colors when printing on cardboard boxes. In this way, you can personalize your packaging to your product and let consumers know who to call to get more.

Branded Labels

printed labels

The other option for branding your packaging products is to use customized labels or tape. You can save money on your actual packaging in this way because it allows you to purchase containers that your distributor already has in stock and personalize them with labels instead of printing on the box. Labels also allow for more color and intricacy in design. Adding a label or tape to the box will only cost a few extra cents per box, which is comparable to purchasing cartons with pre-printed branding and information for consumers.

Marketing your brand

Marketing your brand and product effectively is often a matter of using many different platforms. The packaging that your products are shipped in can be one of those platforms where a simple logo or phone number can be a subtle way of getting your brand out there. Many consumers save the boxes that their products come in so having helpful things like contact information on your packaging can increase your sales down the road when they either want to re-order or buy the same item for a friend or family member. Customized wholesale packaging is a very cost effective way of adding that extra little bit of attention to your brand.